EA and Epic Games have released the first trailer for Bulletstorm, an insane but skillful first-person shooter.

Bulletstorm, coming from Painkiller developer People Can Fly, Epic Games, and EA, was first announced last month, but now we have a chance to finally see it in action. The game’s first trailer shows that it may fulfill the promise of insane guns and “kill with skill” gameplay.

Already revealed were main characters Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato, but there appears to be a new female character thrown into the mix as well. Gameplay looks like a combination of blasting, shooting, and a seemingly important kick move. Another notable feature looks like an electric leash on the player’s left hand. The “kill with skill” part will award players upgrade points for killing in various ways, that we now see are labeled as “Fertilizer,” “Fourth of July,” “Overkill,” “Bad Touch,” and more.

The game takes place on planet Stygia, which is obviously a dangerous place. Plants straight up eat dudes and giant cacti are all over to accidentally prick your finger on. Hunt, Sato, and the unnamed girl have to make their way off Stygia to get revenge on the people that put them there.

Bulletstorm sounded pretty cool, but this trailer makes it look really cool. Doing combos in a first person shooter doesn’t seem like it’d be that easy to pull off, but with the kick and leash abilities People Can Fly may have found a solid way to do it. It reminds me of Zeno Clash melded with something like Quake or Unreal Tournament. Unfortunately, it’s not expected until 2011, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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