Here is the answer to if you can own a pet and/or magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy, the open-world Harry Potter video game adventure.

Longtime Harry Potter fans likely have a personal pet they would pick if they received their Hogwarts acceptance letter. Many long for the decision to choose between their own owl, toad, cat, or rat, and with Hogwarts Legacy now giving players the chance to enjoy the full Hogwarts experience, many are wondering if it is possible to own a pet in the game.

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy Has Nontraditional Pets Players Can Capture, Own, and Raise as Loyal Beasts

Unfortunately, there will be no Crookshanks, or if your glass of butterbeer is half full — fortunately, there will be no Scabbers. That being said, Hogwarts Legacy is capitalizing on its newest film series, Fantastic Beasts, by giving players the chance to catch their own share of mythical creatures to raise and train an even more impressive Hagrid-inspired pet.

Many of the longtime Harry Potter beasts make an appearance, from the unicorns found in The Forbidden Forest, to the Thestrals that carry students from the Hogwarts Express to the Hogwarts castle gates. Other critters like Kneazles, Puffskeins, Hippogriffs, and more also make an appearance, and each species has unique perks, like being able to ride the larger equine animals.

Players will need to pass a few requirements in order to begin their magical beast questline. First, your student will need to attend a Beasts class to meet an animal-obsessed Hufflepuff named Poppy Sweeting, who will give you a creature brush and beast feed. This is the main tool you will need to coax those mystical creatures into a friendship.

Despite having the necessary snacks to court some animal friends, you’ll need to seek out a sidequest from Deek, one of the castle house elves, to develop the skills you’ll need with your nab-sack to effectively catch and befriend any fantastic beasts. This quest line is called “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” and will only open once you’ve both completed the first Beasts Class and discovered the Room of Requirement.

Once you start catching and raising beasts, there will be a custom room in the Room of Requirement that allows players not only to care for their new furry friends, but breed them as well. With so many adorable mythical creature babies, you might just find it hard to sneak away to go back to that pesky Potions Class.

So while regular pets are not available in Hogwarts Legacy, players can own some even more impressive magical beasts as pets.

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