Okami fans rejoice: Capcom is bringing its puppy-sized DS sequel to the West in 2011. Commence squealing over its protagonist, the adorable baby wolf-god Chibiterasu, in 5, 4, 3, 2… now.

It’s no secret that we here at Chez Escape are looking forward to Capcom’s handheld Okamiden for two reasons: One, Okami was one of the late gems of the last console generation, and more Okami is awesome. Two, it stars an adorable magical puppy! Dammit, what more do you want?!

While there were already hints that we might be getting Okamiden here in the West, there wasn’t anything official – until now, that is. Capcom has officially announced that Okamiden is slated to hit North America and Europe, but it won’t be until 2011.

Or, to quote the press release:

Taking place many months after the events of Okami, Okamiden follows the adventures of Chibiterasu – a young sun god who is summoned to protect and restore the land. Armed with a majestic celestial brush and a vibrant cast of partners with unique powers and abilities, this little god is ready to make its mark on the world. Okamiden is headed to the Nintendo DS in 2011.

Most adorable main character in a game ever made? I think so.

Aww, who’s a cute little sun god savior of the world? You are, yes you are!

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