CCP Extends Free-Play Offer For EVE Expansion


Now that the latest EVE Online expansion is finally out, CCP is extending the length of a free-play offer to players with expired accounts.

EVE Online‘s “Incursion” expansion saw a problematic launch back in November. Because it wasn’t ready at the proposed time of release and players didn’t want see an unfinished or rushed product, CCP ended up staggering the expansion to put out finished portions immediately and delaying the incomplete areas. The final portion was released yesterday, and the publisher is extending a free-play offer that it initially offered when the expansion first started to launch.

Back when “Incursion” was set to launch in one fell swoop, CCP sent a five-day free reactivation offer to thousands of expired EVE accounts. The offer was intended to let players return to the game in order to to experience the expansion, but these players who took advantage of the offer didn’t get the full “Incursion” experience. As a result, CCP has extended the offer until January 31st on over 5,000 of these promotional accounts, so that returning players can take part in the upcoming live events and invasions.

CCP seems like it’s devoted to making its players happy, judging from this explanation about the offer extension: “This is a one-time thing. It seemed really unfair to me we’d sell that content in an offer then move part of it within a week like that, thus not honoring what we sold someone on. The goal is to actually honor the offer we made, in writing, to these people.”

Source: Massively

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