Celebrate the end of 2015 by watching a Russian Youtuber light 10,000 sparklers on fire.

Nothing says “happy new year!” like fire and explosions. In the spirit of the season, enterprising Russian youtuber “SlivkiShow” set up 10,000 celebratory sparklers in a barrel.

In small amounts, these are the sort of flashy candles you’d usually decorate a cake with. They last for about ten seconds, or enough time to sing half a verse of the infringement-free birthday song of your choice. So, this definitely won’t be a very big explosion or anything like that.

(skip to 2:00)

Well, I guess I’ve been proven wrong; time to go buy some bulk sparklers and a rain barrel. I also really appreciate the videographer’s attempt to grab viewers from the get-go – these days, you really need a cat to bookend your Youtube video, even if it does feature a fifty-foot-tall sparkling inferno in the middle.

Happy 2016, Escapists!

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