Chapter 5


Twilight Dusk: After getting gobs of cash for selling the stolen music CD to online pirates, my boys and I relaxed for a bit. After a couple of days though, I was itching for some more action so I checked the local paper, the Rogue Isle Protector. Buried within the personal ads was a coded message for me from Drea the Hook. He wanted me to meet his asap to discuss a job. I told Trask and Bouncer to lock and load and we headed out to talk to Drea. After reaching him, Drea asked if I was up for a bank robbery. I told him, “Sure thing. No Sweat.” Then he told me that the bank was in Atlas Park! Plus, the bank was guarded by Longbow to boot! “Robbing a bank protected by those goody-two shoes idiots in the middle of Superhero Central? Hell yeah! My boys and I are up for it! I can’t wait to start slinging lead in that peaceable park.”, I told him. Drea then gave me the location of a sub to take to Atlas Park and he told me that it was ok to go crazy while I was over there. I then headed to the location Drea gave me and there was a sub sitting there. It was an older sub with some rust on it, but the rogues running it told me that it was safe. We didn’t have any trouble getting to Atlas Park and Trask kept me amused by asking Bouncer, “What’s that popping sound? Is the hull giving way? I hope we don’t drown!” It seems that Bouncer is a trifle claustrophobic and didn’t take the trip so well. His anguished looks at every knock and ping from the old sub made me laugh hysterically.

Arriving at Atlas Park, I and my boys slipped off the sub and made our way towards the bank. It seems that word had gotten out that something was going to happen as that the police had set up roadblocks all over the place. No problem, I had brought along a lot of extra ammo! I told Trask and Bouncer, “Screw being quiet. Let’s fight our way to the bank and show these bastards what real villainy is like!” Grinning, they pulled their pistols as I jerked my twin .45s from their holsters. We let the cops know that we were there by blowing up one of their patrol cars causing a huge explosion that damaged their other cars and threw them backwards from the blast. Laughing, we finished the cops and began our way to the bank. Along the way, we would amuse ourselves by shooting anything in sight; cars, meters, newspaper stands, phones, etc. For some light amusement, we would shoot near the feet of citizens making them run around like chickens! What fun! We reached the bank after a few minutes of our crime spree. Some Longbow agents plus some rent-a-cops were waiting for us, but our ferocity (and aim!) was too much for them. We easily overcame them and made our way to the vault. After a few minutes, we managed to bust open the vault, ran inside, grabbed the cash, and proceeded to make our way out. Suddenly, we heard, “Stop right there, villains! Your crime spree has ended!” Some Longbow hero by the name of No Mind came leaping out from around the corner. Bouncer yelled, “Hey, he’s got no gun! What an idiot!” I realized that No Mind didn’t need a gun when he unleashed a series of martial arts kicks and blows to poor Bouncer. Bouncer went flying off into the opposite wall. Fortunately, my shots and Trask’s knocked No Mind back and by the time he tried to get up, it was too late. I slung a wall of lead at him and down he went. I told Trask, “Looks like his name should be changed to No Life!” Laughing, Trask helped me get Bouncer up and we left the bank. Outside, more cops showed up, but they were no match for us. We shot our way back to the sub, blowing up cars and everything else possible on the way. Sitting in the sub on the way back to Port Oakes, I counted up the money from the heist. It felt pretty good to shoot up Atlas Park, some Longbow blowhards, and get some sweet swag from the deal!

A few days later, Trask was reading the paper and noticed that Arachnos had put a bounty on the leader of some local Hellions. While I hate Arachnos, I sure don’t hate the color of their money. Besides, it amuses me that I can use their money to finance my campaign to grab power in the Rogue Isles. What delicious irony. With that thought in mind, we headed out to find this soon-to-be corpse. After a few pistol whippings, we got a location. The hit itself went pretty smoothly. The mark was holed up in some warehouse with a gang of Hellions for protection. A series of quick gun battles ensued, leaving us the victor and the Hellions victimized. The only snag was that the leader had some superpowers. He had incredible strength but, sadly, he lacked any sort of invulnerability to bullets. Hehehe He should work on that in the next life. What made the hit even sweeter was that Trask and Bouncer had picked up a new ability. Apparently, they had been watching me going to town with my twin .45s and they had decided to emulate me. It also seems that they had been working out as that they looked stronger than before. Things were looking up. My goons were stronger and were carrying two pistols apiece in action.

Jeffprime: I have a new favorite mission – the mayhem mission which was the bank robbery in Atlas Park. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed that romp of destruction. Being able to blow up cars and practically everything in sight was a total blast. What made it really interesting was that the mission was timed. I started out with 15 minutes, but the more stuff I destroyed and the more enemies I defeated, the more time I got. When I got the mission, I was told that there were two side missions available and that if I defeated a certain enemy, a key would be dropped that would unlock a nearby door. Sadly, I never found either one of those two side missions, but I still had a blast. One note to everybody: if you blow up a car, don’t be standing next to it when it goes up! 🙂 I learned that the hard way. However, it wasn’t that big a deal since I used Twilight Grasp to heal myself and my two goons. Apparently, the power works on inanimate objects such as cars. The only knock on the mayhem mission is that it makes me wish that you could do the same things in the Rogue Isles. It would be pretty cool to go around blowing up cars and things while just traveling around the various zones. Maybe it’s just me, but the more destruction, the better.

After the mayhem mission, I hit level 10, which gave me a new power. I finally chose Equip Thugs and what a difference it makes! The animation for it is kinda disappointing. When I use the power, I select the thug and then I activate Equip Thug. Then, my villain throws a cell phone at the thug and he sparkles and then gets more muscular with some tattoos. Somehow, throwing a cell phone doesn’t seem very thuggish. I would have preferred some sort of animation like giving them steroids or something, but I guess we can’t have that. The best thing about Equip Thugs is that my goons use two pistols in combat now as opposed to the single one they used before. Not only does it look cool, but they do a lot more damage in combat. Now, I’m waiting until I can get the Summon Brawler power. I can’t wait.

That’s all for now. Until next time, remember that villainy is its own reward!

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