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Chris Pine Says a Dungeons and Dragons Sequel May Actually Happen

Dungeons Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

It seems the chances of us getting a Dungeons & Dragon: Honor Among Thieves sequel rolled a large number on the many-sided die thingy (I cover movies, not tabletop games), according to Chris Pine.

The DnD world was pretty much shocked when Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves came out and didn’t suck, mixing a refreshing amount of homage to the games themselves while keeping things impressively fun. However, we haven’t heard anything about a sequel to a movie that Paramount and Hasbro saw as a burgeoning franchise or cinematic universe. Thankfully, Chris Pine, in an interview with GamesRadar+, has said that there are rumblings of another movie coming and that he’d “absolutely” return for it.

“I’ve heard some rumors about it,” he said. “But I don’t know anything yet. But I feel pretty confident that it may happen.”

“Confident that it may happen” isn’t the strongest vote of confidence, but there are a few reasons everything is so nebulous for a sequel that felt like it was a given. For one, and probably most importantly, the film’s box office wasn’t a smash hit. The movie didn’t flop, but it wasn’t the runaway success the studios look for when launching a franchise. Also, there were two ongoing strikes that have kept Hollywood pretty much shut down from making plans for movies. Finally, Hasbro has been in the middle of selling eONE, its film production studio, to Lionsgate, meaning it wasn’t exactly aggressively pursuing the making of movies they wouldn’t actually be making.

All this has added up to Dungeons & Dragons sequels being in limbo, but if Pine is at least hearing “rumors,” then maybe we’re closer to a second movie than we thought. Paramount would be wrong, though, to let the franchise sit, especially given the ridiculous success of Baldur’s Gate 3 this year.

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