Chrome Hounds


Chrome Hounds is based on the Armored Core series and, according to the game’s producer, Toshifumi Nabeshima, is intended to be Sega’s foray into the world of Xbox Live-enabled games.

Imagine multiplayer mech madness in high-def, on huge, destructible maps and you’ll know pretty much all you need to know about Chrome Hounds.

The game (like many of the Xbox 360’s lineup) experiments with a minimal on-screen display, which adds significantly to the immersion factor while simultaneously making aiming quite a bit more difficult. Still, driving a huge, mechanized war machine and blowing crap up is always fun regardless of the steep learning curve. Chrome Hounds looks to be bringing just enough extra to the table to make it a worth-while next-gen diversion.

Nabeshima San claimed that the game on display was 100% complete, in spite of the fact that Sega’s PR rep claimed it would be coming out in Summer of 2007. Whether this means that the game will be coming out sooner, or is still somehow in development remains to be seen.

Diving deeper into that issue – as with a number of other questions I had about the game – was practically impossible owing to the fact that Nabeshima San spoke practically no English, and that his interpreter and I could barely hear each other over the din on the show floor.

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