An upcoming film brings the best and brightest YouTube stars together at last.

If you’re using the internet right now, chances are you’ve already seen videos such as Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder. An upcoming film called The Chronicles of Rick Roll features the cast of these and other popular YouTube hits that have randomly made their way into the consciousnesses of millions.

It doesn’t appear to be a joke either. The teaser trailer prominently shows the heroes of the aforementioned videos along with those from Leeroy Jenkins, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Freakout Kid, and Numa Numa.

Not actors, the actual real life YouTube stars. From the teaser, Chronicles of Rick Roll appears to be about a world where these popular videos collide with each other, potentially bringing the world to an end. For example, Yosemitebear from Double Rainbow is shown emerging from the closet of the Freakout Kid. There’s also a huge battle scene, for some reason.

Unfortunately, Chronicles of Rick Roll has a lot to live up to. It could be a hilarious amalgam of internet memes, or a really sad crossover that we all wish never existed. For more information on how the film came together, go here.

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