Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins May Be On Their Way to PSN


Two of Square Enix’s classic titles may finally get re-releases in North America.

Over the years, Square Enix has taken quite some time to re-release many of their earlier titles on the PlayStation Network. It looks like it may be trying to make up for keeping its North American fans waiting, as Chrono Cross along with Final Fantasy Origins might be hitting the PSN Store in the coming weeks.

According to the ESRB’s website, both games have published listings and show they are headed for the PS3 and PSP, both of which have access to the PSone Classics catalog. The games themselves have been available on the Japanese PlayStation Network for quite some time, with Chrono Cross hitting that market in late 2010 and Final Fantasy Origins, consisting of the first two entries of the Final Fantasy franchise, seeing a re-release in 2009.

Sony has yet to make any official announcement, but published listings on the ESRB are usually a good sign that something is in the works. It still might be a while before gamers can save the world with Terra and Locke from Final Fantasy VI, but at the very least we can take solace that Square Enix haven’t completely forgotten their fans overseas.

Source: Joystiq

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