By Alexander Ness, Slush Factory

If you’re a comic book reader (and we assume you are), and you haven’t heard of Bryan Hitch or noticed his many works with awe, let’s just say you’ve been missing out on a highly talented creator. From Stormwatch to The Authority and JLA, Hitch has been thrilling readers from series to series. Marvel Comics certainly recognizes that. The publisher recently announced it had renewed Hitch’s exclusive contract through 2006, where it will keep him busy on such books as The Ultimates with Mark Millar.

But without further ado, read on as Bryan discusses past, present, and future projects.

AN: Hello Bryan. Please tell my readers a little something about yourself. How old are you, are you married, where are from, where do you live, cats, dogs, muppets…?

BH: Hello Alex, nice to talk to you. I am somewhat over 21, slightly overweight, terribly overwrought and often overwhelmed. I am not married but live with my girlfriend Joanne and three children, though we plan to marry as soon as we feel up to it. I was born in the far northern reaches of England and am currently about 7950634th in line to the British throne.

AN: How might you say that you were trained in art? Did you attend university or trade school, or are you self taught?

BH: If I was trained then I have probably escaped and gone back into the wild. I had intended to go to art school but received my first commission from Marvel UK at the sweet age of sixteen and haven’t looked back. Well, that’s not strictly true: I have received treatment for many neck injuries sustained in looking over my shoulder, but the point is I have never been out of work, which is something

AN: What comic artists are your favorites and which are the greatest influences upon your own style?

Good stuff there. If you’d like to get the answer to the last question, as well as the rest of the interview. Head on over to the Slush Factory.

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