City Of Heroes: A Heroines Perspective: Happy Birthday City


In case you didn’t know, and you’d have to be on another City planet not too, it is (was) City of Heroes second birthday. I do want to say happy birthday and best wishes for more years to come.

So, I decided to take myself over on April 28th for the big party happening at Pocket D. Okay, I ended up missing most of it, thanks so much to problems with my ‘net connection, but I did managed to catch at least some of it. Since the Split Infinity online radio was also covering it, I tuned in there as well. Heck, I even tossed together a costume.

There was a surprisingly large number of people there when I got there, and the DJ for Split Infinity was there as well, which was more amusing. I didn’t managed to catch any of the Developers, who where apparently making random appearances at different instances of Pocket D on the different servers, though I did make an attempt to see Positron when I heard he was in Pocket D one on Infinity.

Over all, it was an amusing little thing to waste some time on. My Supergroup came and danced it up with me for a bit, chatted with the DJ a while once the everything was mostly over with, then went off and did a mission. Plus we all made sure to get the shiny 2nd Anniversary badges they were handing out, and a couple of them even got the ‘special surprise’ for having the 1st and 2nd year badges – a gladiator badge. Hey, is there really a better way to spend CoH’s birthday?

In other news, have you seen the latest video on the CoH News page? With PvP from Recluse’s Victory? At least these odd tidbits are keeping me somewhat hyped up about issue seven. They even looked to have some of the new Powersets and Patron powers. Heck, watch it for no other reason then to see some of the signature characters, like Ghost Widow – and if you do watch it, look for what color Ghost Widow’s powers are, it made me blink and snicker.

And thats it for this week, not a huge bunch to add, at this time. We’re all thrilled that City has hit two years, and now we wait, mostly breathlessly, for issue seven to come make us scream and dance for joy – or at least play more again. -@Mialiah

P.S. CoHWarcry has been nice enough to give me a shiny new email, so you can reach me now at: [email protected] – don’t be afraid to drop me a line.

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