The scene displayed above is that of a group of unknown Super Villains in their lair.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to write a short story about this new threat to Paragon City. Your story can include any or all of the following points:

    [li]Who the Villains are
    [li]Why they have come to Paragon City
    [li]What their ghastly plans are
    [li]An encounter with your favorite hero
    [li]The name of the Villain Group and the names of its members
    [li]How the authorities of Paragon City plan to deal with them (assuming they even know about them yet)

Just follow the Forum link below and post your short story in the Tattered Cape Inn Forum. At the end of november we will select the best overall story. The story selected will be posted on the front page of WCoH with a special graphic image designed and drawn by Baron von Shrike. The image will feature a scene from the story and will include a costume design for Your Hero.

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