City Of Heroes: American Splendor Gets a Fresh Review

Harvey Pekar’s longsuffering hero (the comic writer himself) has finally been brought to the screen by versatile actor Paul Giamatti. Rich Watson from, gave the movie two thumbs up for orginality and cinematography.

Based on the long-running autobiographical book, Paul Giamatti stars as series creator and writer Harvey Pekar, a perpetually gloomy Gus who finds solace from his humdrum Cleveland life writing comics about himself. The idea is inspired by his friendship with future indie comics legend Robert Crumb, who illustrates the initial few issues. When fan Joyce Brabner (played here by Hope Davis) seeks him out, they begin an unlikely romance defined by constant bickering, the comic’s increasing success, and a debilitating bout with cancer.

The movie integrates live action with comic strip panels and an animated Harvey in some scenes. The real Harvey also shows up in the film, commenting on his own life. It just goes to show that anyone can be a superhero, even the most ordinary of citizens. Run out to your local theatre and give it a once-over.

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