I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the Paragon City Herald is happy to introduce a new Column by UnSub. Expect to be enlightened, illuminated and entertained every other week by his words of wisdom.

In his opening article he Takes us for a walk around the current Super Hero Genre. Then pokes his nose into The Big Question… “When is Beta” and his take on that issue. Then onto a short discussion of the joys and disasters that can surround creating your own fansite.

For superhero comic fans, this is as good as it gets. Take a good look around. The turn of the century has ushered in the era of the superhero.

After years of being given the short shift in terms of quality and vision, comics (and comic themes) have really hit the mainstream. Sure, for the most part they like to hide their comic book roots just in case people think it’s all kid stuff and for the mentally deficient, but it’s there if you look. The Matrix washed the nasty taste of Batman and Robin and showed people that superheroes could shed their spandex (admittedly for latex, but hey…) and still shine. Comic book icons like the X-Men, Hulk and Spiderman have had huge money poured into films to recreate their worlds. For the most part they have been successful, inspiring the wonder that the extraordinary should when placed in the realm of the ordinary.

If this little teaser has gotten your attention and you just have to read more. Grab a cup of coffee and a donut and head on over to the Columns section and read UnSub’s “A View From Atlas Park”.

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