has started a new column series to look at the New Firsts in Today’s Comic Books. DC comics has been chosen to help kick off this series of articles.

You Can Go Home Again

Reunions are such a dicey prospect. Sure, on the surface, it’s exciting to see a group of creative folks — whether they be a band, a comedy team, or (in this case) comics creators — get together after a hiatus and try to recreate the old magic. But for every one that’s successful, there are ten that fall flat, and at the worst, a lackluster reunion can taint the memory of the creative unit’s former greatness. And if you don’t believe me, you didn’t catch the Sex Pistols’ reunion tour (or worse, road trip across four states to see the Sex Pistols reunion tour).

But when a reunion clicks, it’s truly magic. Which brings us to the first issue of Formerly Known as the Justice League.

Take a minute to head over to the The Slush Factory and read the rest of the article. *Warning: Make sure to have lots of papertowels to mop up the drool with.*

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