City Of Heroes: Game Previews: Heroes and Villians and Explosions… Oh, My!


Game: Spawn
Platform: PS2, XBox, GameCube
Target date: December 2003
Summary: “Namco’s third-person action/adventure, which loosely spans the first 99 issues of the comic series, features the grim-n-gritty urban atmosphere fans awant and no small amount of gore. Spawn’s sentient chains will automatically snatch up power-ups and ammot–or you can direct them to grab enemies and tear them asunder.”

Game: Transformers Armada
Platform: PS2
Target date: Summer 2004
Summary: “The long-dormant Mini-cons have been rediscovered, and the race to collect all of them can mean the end of the entire war with just one side standing. These Mini-cons enhance fighting abilities such as giving you heat vision or camouflage.”

Game:Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Platform: PS, PS2, XBox, GameCube
Target date:
Summary: “Beyond madness, beyond evil, and a master in the deadly arts of war, the mastermind Sin Tzu is driven by a lone desire –to conquer.”

Game: Viewtiful Joe
Platform: GameCube
Target date: October 2003
Summary: “Post-pubescent film geek becomes Kamen Rider-esque superhero and enters science-fiction movie to rescue shanghaied lady from fire-breathing lion god in Capcom’s ambitious roller-coaster ride helmed by the same team behind Devil May Cry and Steel Battalion. Slow down time, and you can dodge attacks, do more damage to enemies, and deflect bullets and rockets; speed it up, and you can let loose rapid-fire assaults of punches and kicks. You can also zoom in on the action to execute spinning attacks and strike heroic poses that damage multiple enemies at once”

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