by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer CBR The Comic Wire

You may think you know Gail Simone, but later this year you’ll be seeing a decidedly different side of the writer. Sure, your familiar with her work and style from books like Marvel’s “Agent X” or the current “Birds of Prey” from DC Comics, but that’s only one side of the writer’s personality. Simone will be exploring another side of her writing personae in a revival of a character featuring a split personality. This December will see the release of the first issue of the six-part miniseries “Rose & Thorn” from DC Comics, the story of a young woman who’s got a mindful of problems you wouldn’t wish on anyone. CBR News caught up with Simone to learn a bit more about this series.

“Rose & Thorn is a story of an extremely troubled young girl, and a cure that’s possibly worse than the disease,” Simone told CBR News on Saturday. “For all the good therapy and medications can do (and there are millions who have benefited from such treatment), in the wrong hands, they’re as dangerous as physical abuse and arsenic. We touch on a lot of serious issues, such as the ever-increasing warehousing of disturbed kids in frankly inappropriate facilities with overwhelmed staffs.

“The truth is, if we ever get costumed crime-fighters in the real world, the odds are that they’re much more likely to come from a mental health facility than from Krypton.”

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