So Kochalka got on board, but why did they give the original art to the CBLDF?

Kurtz answers: “In all honesty, I wanted to keep the cover for myself, but James insisted that we donate it to the CBLDF. It was hard to let go because it’s such a beautiful piece, but James brought me to my senses. I live one hour away from where Jesus Castillo sold an adult book to an adult and was arrested for it. We need the CBLDF now more than ever. It’s insane what’s passing for justice these days. It would be terrifying to have to defend yourself against such lunacy without any support.”

The PvP auction is on eBay until Friday, November 28. PvP #6 is in this month’s Previews, and Scott Kurtz will be at WizardWorld Texas this weekend.

Direct link to the auction:

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