By Rich Johnson, CBR News.

Published Mondays, Lying In The Gutters is Rich Johnston’s long running news/rumor column. Scoops well before anyone else, office intrigue and a lot of fun.
Current Issue: Guest columnist Ian Ungstad fills in for Rich this week while he’s on Holiday. Ian dishes the dirt and reports on rumors and addresses why a recent column of his on another Web site was pulled within less than 24 hours of being published.

Welcome to Lying in the gutters folks. Your usual hostess with the mostness, Richard Johnston is currently on vacation with his lovely wife in South Africa.

So….of all the people he asked to fill in, he unfortunatly had to ask me.

The one everyone seems to hate; Ian Ungstad.

It’s an honor really, Richard has always been a kind hearted soul, often supportive when others were not.

So while this week’s column isn’t going to be as juicy and titillating as one would expect from Lying In The Gutters, hopefully it will be of some interest.

Since this will likely be the last column I will ever write for an online publication (but eh? who knows), this is sort of a tribute to the scandalous life of a rumor monger.

Here are some highlights from the ol email bag that has been gathering dust for the last year or so.

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