By Rich Johnston, CBR News

This is the sixty-fourth weekly episode of Lying In The Gutters, the comic industry’s mostly-favorite rumor column, gossip sheet and celebrity dirt rag. Your regular host, Rich Johnston, is still out on holiday and asked me to fill-in. While I’m not the media darling that previous guest host Ian Ungstad is, I’ve tried my best to live up to the lofty standards you’re used to. Without further ado, let’s get on with the (peep) show.


Face it. “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” wasn’t what most comic readers were expecting. It wasn’t a by-the-numbers sequel to “Dark Knight Returns” with a re-tread of the original, but turned up a notch. And I’m glad. Some people might have been quick to condemn Miller to be the downhill climb, but I think we can still look forward to his upcoming work.

More details have come to light about the Batman project that Ian Ungstad reported last week. Robert Morales (“Captain America: R, W & B” and “Captain America”) mentioned over on the Millarworld forums that he’d heard some rumblings about Mr. Miller’s next work. “Frank Miller’s doing a graphic novel in his black-and-white Sin City mode, wherein Batman takes on terrorists. He has a script, no fixed deadline, and total freedom to approach the storytelling in as many pages as he sees fit. Last time we talked about it, he’d hit page 30 and hadn’t yet started the main plotline; I hear he’s currently nearing page 100, and the story’s in full sqing. How long it’ll be when it’s done is anybody’s guess-but it’ll be worth any wait.”

And don’t forget the other comics Frank’s mentioned in the past… a western comic and one about Jesus Christ, aptly titled “Jesus!”

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