Her transformations in the She-Hulk out of control, Jennifer Walters seeks the one person on Earth who can help … you know, her cousin … that guy who also knows a little something about uncontrollable transformations. And while Jennifer searches high and low for the INCREDIBLE HULK, her long-time Avengers teammates spread out all over the globe searching for her!

“SEARCH FOR SHE-HULK” will be Kolins’ first major Marvel story arc under his new exclusive contract and Johns’ last major Avengers story arc, and precedes a special AVENGERS event coming this January.

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AVENGERS #72 [JUL031475] – the 32-page opening chapter of the 4-part “SEARCH FOR SHE-HULK” story arc goes on sale October 29th with a cover price of $2.25. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is Thursday, 10/9. Readers, ask your local comic book retailer to reserve your copy.

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