City Of Heroes: Maximo: Beauty Is Only Sword Deep


Maximo is a perfect tie in for new non-traditional comic book readers. It will appeal to those that love comic books, video games, as well as role-playing games. People that enjoy films like Lord of the Rings, Reign of Fire, Jackie Chan, and Indiana Jones will also be very pleased with Maximo.

Check out the preview pages of this all-new comic by writer Beau Smith (and penciller Alan Wang (TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION ONE, ARMADA and Darkminds). Wang shares: “Maximo was such an amazing game and I’m really excited to have this oppurtunity to be the first to translate Capcom’s infamous Maximo franchise into a comic book. With Beau Smith at the helm, and Maximo 2 just around the corner, this is going to be a very exciting yeah for all of us here at Dreamwave and Capcom. Maximo, Beauty is only sword deep…”

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FC 40pp $3.95 1-Shot

Dreamwave’s MAXIMO is set to hit comic book stores January 2004.”

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