From video game to the big screen, Alien vs. Predator is making its way steadily into our hearts and wallets. Filmforce has gotten inside the heads of the producers and brings us a plot summary like no other. Also, Variety notes that Sanaa Lathan (Love and Basketball, The Best Man) has been cast as explorer Lex Kline.

Here’s the idea in a nutshell: Predators have been using our planet for thousands of years as a training ground for their hunter-warriors. Aztec temples were the focii of this training, and Aliens were used as prey.

Blade: Trinity, reintroduces the half-human, half-vampire, whole hunk who has survived two movies with bloodsuckers trying to kill him for different reasons. Now, he has one more reason to resurface: phat paycheck for another sequel. HNR has some really good pictures from the set here. Bring some night vision goggles. The movie also co-stars Natasha Lyonne, James Remar and John Michael Higgins.

Hellboy. The name sends shivers down my spine. One of the most important things in bringing a comic book to the screen is the special effects. Electric Green Bag interviewed Mike Elizalde of Spectral Motion who is handling the effects for our favorite bad boy. He even drops hints about the future of the franchise. says to make sure you go see the new Tom Cruise flick “The Last Samurai” so you can see the Hellboy trailer.

The reviewers over at Comic Book Resources have turned up a comic-based movie in the works: Man-Thing.

Artisan Entertainment, Marvel Studios and Fierce Entertainment announce the August 27, 2004 theatrical release of ‘Man-Thing’ and unveil the movie’s teaser poster.

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