Miiiiiiiaaaaaooooow! Even I can appreciate the hottness of Halle Berry as the title character in ‘Catwoman.’ Warner Bros is being very secretive about pics from the set, but there are a few available at CHUD.
Filmforce even managed to find a synopsis.

Halle plays Patience Price, a mild mannered graphic artist, who is murdered in order to keep her silent about an accidental discovery she made. An ancient myth is played out, when an Egyptian Mao cat, indebted to Patience for saving her it’s own life, breathes life back into the young woman. Patience is reborn with an independent attitude, carefree behavior and the heightened senses of a cat. Now she must investigate the circumstances behind her murder and learn to accept both parts of herself

The movie also stars Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson, and is scheduled to be released Summer 2004.

The Punisher
It looks like time to leave the kids at home on this one, says Comics Continuum. ‘The Punisher’ is scheduled to be R-rated, according to Producer Gayle Anne Hurd and Co-Producer Ari Arad (son of Avi Arad).

“He’s never been aimed towards younger kids,” Arad said of The Punisher. “I think he was someone most people discovered later. We never wanted to try it as PG-13. It’s going to be The Punisher. It’s going to be intense.

Make sure you hire a babysitter before making plans to see the movie.

Spiderman 2
Avi Arad apparently jetted off to Japan to show an unfinished trailer to some Japanese businessmen and a reporter from Ain’t It Cool News was there to witness the glory.

Then we got scenes of spidey battles Doc Ock, Doc Ock using his tentacles throwing (I MEAN THROWING!!!) loads of cars and taxis at the swinging Spidey, loads of expolsion!! as the cars hits buildings near by in the NY streets. Spider is trying hard to dodge them.

Swing on over to Ain’t It Cool News for the entire review. Look for this trailer to be in theatres in December.

Superman V
Lastly, Henry Cavill seems to be the name on everyone’s lips at as the movie’s producers continue looking for the right body to fit those tights. Other contenders are still in the running, including Matthew Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Josh Lucas and Scott Speedman. Good luck to all of them!

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