Project Manager Marcin Kurczewski on Imaginations’ persistent state version of the popular techno-fantasy RPG

September 02, 2003 –

As its name indicates, Luna City is located on a moon, Earth’s to be precise. A huge community with 60 million inhabitants, it is largely controlled by an organization called the Brotherhood, but a number of mega-conglomerates have their own areas of influence, alongside various smaller corporations that still survive and compete. Originally created by Target Games and now owned by Paradox Entertainment, Mutant Chronicles is a gaming property that has achieved considerable popularity, especially in areas of Europe. This has come in different media, starting with a tabletop RPG and expanding to include a miniature battle game called Warzone, another known as Red Berets, the Doomtrooper collectible card game and more. Blending elements of science fiction and fantasy, it takes place in the distant future, after humanity has expanded beyond the confines of Earth and colonized the solar system.

In Mutant Chronicles Online, developer Imaginations is translating this intriguing universe into the massively multiplayer arena. Luna City will be the initial focus, introducing a major hub of the underlying franchise along with the key gameplay elements such as the struggles between the diverse businesses and associations, and the complex interdependencies among them in areas such as politics and trade. Players’ actions will reportedly influence these and other relationships, and if you don’t like the direction of the faction with which you’re aligned, you’ll be able to switch to one more fitting. We first got wind of this title some time ago, and have been working to learn more ever since. Recently, we were successful in getting hold of Marcin “Rado” Kurczewski whose roles on the project include those of Project Manager and Game Designer, to edify us.

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