Say it ain’t so! The inestimable Grant Morrison is hanging up his pen after “New X-Men #154” (#147 is out now). Morrison took familiar characters from the “Uncanny X-Men” and transformed them into more than just mutants, he made them vulnerable, sexy and disturbed. In other words, he brought out much more of their humanity than previously seen.

This X-Men series may be “new” in a lot of ways, but it also stays true to a common theme of the past: Xavier’s goal to find acceptance in the world…Love triangles, the Phoenix Force, a villain in armor… all these plot elements have been said by some to be rehashes of the Claremont/Byrne years on “Uncanny X-Men,” and while Morrison isn’t surprised, he has suggestions for anyone feeling that way, also addressing the idea of “continuity.”

One of the biggest events was the turning of uber-villainess Emma Frost into one of the good guys. Throughout the series, Morrison managed to maintain the tensions that have always existed between the X-Men, but including shocking revelations such as Beast’s sexual preference or Scott’s tryst with Emma. Read the entire review/interview at Comic Book Resources; and bring a hanky with you.

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