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For the CoH Community Quiz #4
Profile of a Character Artist

imageWho is the mighty Jay Doherty?
‘THE Character Artist.’ I grew up in the filthy slums and gutters on the mean streets of Chicago. In 1981; the coldest winter to date, is when I was ripped out of my mother womb by a pack of circus clowns that had thought that my mother had just stole some of their pies. I was soon taken in by the clowns and spent years as a foot stool, but thereafter I was abandoned and left to be raised by hobos and riffraff. I later was sold into urban slavery by “No Toes Pierre McNugget” where I used my small deformed hands to dislodge broken video tapes stuck in VCRs. Most nights were spent under a subway station trying to keep warm by a fire that I fueled with my own hair. I had 5 friends, a rat and 4 turtles. I would log our adventures through the sewers and toxic waste using bacon gravy and tears as my ink. Years later I traded the stories to a Japanese businessman for cowboy hat and he turned my stories into a successful movie and cartoon series called “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.” I have always had a passion for art and one day an old man came looking for me and told me I was from an extremely rare long line of royalty. It turned out I was the last surviving blood member of the Royal Zillionaires of the Moon. Apparently my parents went back in time to give me a chance to live because of “The Great Moon War 2, The Moons Revenge.” Also I guess in the future a zillion dollars was more like 350 bucks. So the old man took some pictures, gave me 350 bucks and left. Finally, there it came to be; I was destined for greatness, I traded in my concrete canvas and my dog turd magic marker for more gooder things of awesomeness.

What does he do?
Well my business card says that I’m a character artist, but I prefer “Grand Lover x 6.” What I do is make characters and costume pieces for the game, among other sexy deeds. I first start with a marble slab about 9 feet high, I then chisel it into a rough idea about 3 feet high. Then I take that and whittle a wooden version so that it can be taken to meetings over seas in Korea. After it gets approved, I then make an actual costume out of it and test market it on the streets of San Jose for likeability. After that, we hire a super model to wear the costume while I scan it into the computer. I take all of that raw data and condense into a single vertex point. I then take that point, delete it, put on my virtual reality sculpting suit and do it in 3D computer space! Voilà, art!

Does He have a “Persona” in the game?
Yeah, but I’m not going say. I’m not any of the signature characters. I’m usually the dead guy in the corner; not moving, cause I’m dead. Sometimes I go into the game as a box, move when no one is around, and then wait for someone to notice. If you know me it’s because of my tireless efforts on the costume forums or most likely because it was foretold that the sexiest man alive would be born, his name would be Jay, and Paris erected the Eiffel tower in the prophecy of my coming.

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