City Of Heroes: Villain101… A new Column!


We have a new column called Villain101 that will be written by our own Jeffprime!

Greetings and salutations, future villains! Welcome to the first chapter of Villain 101, the ongoing saga of the super-villain, Twilight Dusk, that I play in City of Villains. These columns will be be written in two voices; the first being me describing my thoughts on the game and my villain’s progress and the second, written in bold type from the perspective of my villain. I hope you all enjoy it. Please realize one thing though; I’m an old-school type of gamer. I’m playing this game for fun so I might make some choices that you would not make. I’m not trying to make the ‘perfect build’ villain or anything like that, so please no mail saying that, “you should do this or that” or “that power sucks!”. Thanks a bunch in advance.

The Beginning:

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