This viral ad for Civilization V about people trying to kick their Civ habit will probably just make you want to pick the game up again.

There are many different types of addictive games – just look at MMOGs like WoW – but somehow, Civilization has an addictive property unique to the series: “Just one more turn.”

“Just one more turn. Only one more turn. Okay, I’ve almost got this tech upgrade, just give me three more turns – see, I got the tech upgrade but … ooh, now I can build knights, let me start training this right away, I’ll be to bed in just one second honey, it’ll just be one more turn.”

Sound familiar? It should. And judging by Greg Tito’s glowing impressions of Civ V from E3 ’10, it sounds like we’re due for a flareup of Civ addiction any day now.

In all seriousness, the above advertisement is actually really hilarious, if kind of uncomfortable in how accurate it is. That grandma is awesome.

And keep an eye out for Sid Meier himself in a cameo role – after you’ve booked time off for later this year, anyway.

(Via Kotaku)

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