Claus Interview on f13.net


Claus recently participated in an interview at f13.net. Here is a snippet:


f13: For those unfamiliar with you and your company, please give a description of yourself, your company, what game(s) your company is working on, and your role in the production of those games.

CG: My name is Claus Grovdal and I’m the Lead Designer and Producer of Darkfall, the MMORPG currently in development by Aventurine/Razorwax.

f13: World or game, which is more important? Why?

CG: The goal is to make a good game, and the world is a feature of the game, not the other way around. The nature of MMOGs obviously demands creating good persistent worlds, but if the game doesn’t come first, you could end up with a glorified 3D IRC client.


You can read the full interview here:

f13.net Claus Interview

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