Claus Speaks on the new Screenshots


New screenshots and a dev post? It’s true! Claus speaks out about the new screenshots, and in the process reveals a new feature that is sure to appeal:

ClausDarkfall Developer

Gore can stick to players, weapons, the ground and/or other objects in the area, like rocks, houses, walls etc. It fades over time and eventually goes away. The gore seen on the screenshots haven’t been beautified yet, like many of the visual effects in the current build of the game. Most effects are currently getting a facelift.


Many talk about the facial texture of the girl. We have painskin effects, meaning that a person taking damage will look increasingly bruised and bloody the more damage he takes. This also goes for weapons and armor which will visually look more and more worn and used when they see combat.

You can read the entire post from Claus here.

Some interesting news, I personally didn’t expect this level of detail, but it sounds great!

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