With all the crazy pictures that pop up across the internet, you would think someone would have found a way to place them into a poster, add captions and make them even funnier. Oh wait … they have and now they have a home on the The Escapist!

We have long known that The Escapist community loves their de-motivational poster threads, but to be honest, they aren’t really de-motivational. In fact, they are extremely motivational, with one simple self-driver: You don’t want to end up on one of these posters yourself. Regardless, there are a ton of funny pictures across the net that could use captions and we want you to post them here.

Rules of Participation

The rules are simple:

  1. Find a picture somewhere on the net and save it onto your desktop
  2. Remember where you got that picture so you can give credit to the artist when you post. Everyone enjoys props for their hard work.
  3. Visit Motivator on Big Huge Labs and follow the instructions.
  4. Save that picture onto your computer and then load it onto Image Shack
  5. Come back to this thread and post your picture using [spoiler] tags
  6. Enjoy everyone’s creativity.
  7. We have posted ours in the corner of this announcement as a example.

Since this is all about having fun, please keep the perverted pictures to yourself. Failure to do so will get you un-politely booted from the site.

Gamer Caves!

Just because it’s no longer on the Community Tab doesn’t mean last week’s Clicks and Giggles is gone for good! You can still submit pictures of YOUR Gamer Cave and see everyone elses by clicking here.

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