Clicks and Giggles: Goodbye Azeroth

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As impending doom looms its ugly head over Azeroth, it is well known that some of our favorite landscapes will be completely destroyed. It is up to us to capture these doomed areas for all to remember.

On the other hand, some landscapes just need to go and we want to know why.

Blizzard has done a great job over the past six years creating a world that gives us the opportunity to roam a land that only our imaginations could conjure. From rolling hills to the desolate wastelands, every inch of environment is thought out, planned and artistically designed to make us feel part of Azeroth. As the cataclysmic clock winds down, some of our beloved areas will be rendered to dust and the only way we can remember them is in our hearts and screenshots.

However, there are also some areas that we wish Blizzard would have sank to the bottom of the ocean or had an army of giants erase from existence. These too are important to capture, so you can say “I told you so” if the time ever comes. Regardless of how you feel about WoW, this Clicks and Giggles can be enjoyed by all.

Rules of Participation

The rules are simple:

  1. Take a screenshot of either something in WoW that is going to be destroyed with Cataclysm OR something you would like to see destroyed.
  2. Post your picture using [spoiler] tags.
  3. Feel free to use picture editing software to decimate the areas as you see fit.
  4. Please write a blurb about your picture choice and a description for those of our members that don’t play WoW
  5. .

So, to those lands we will soon never see again, we tip our hats and to those we wish destroyed in liquid hot magma, we can only hope for your demise.


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