Image association has been used for years in advertising and branding, but what fun is that? We are going to change the rules of image association and see what kinds of craziness The Escapist community can come up with.

Did you ever see a picture that automatically evoked a memory or random thought? Well, it probably isn’t as random as you think. All of our senses have the ability to trigger a response, which normally reminds us of a past experience, person or place. Since monitors aren’t set up for scratch-and-sniff yet, we’re going to test this ingrained ability of ours with images. Get ready for a wild ride of image association!

Rules of Participation

The rules are simple:

  1. Post a picture that is associated with the previous picture in some way
  2. If the association is abstract or not obvious, feel free to help things along with a brief description.
  3. Remember where you got that picture so you can give credit to the artist when you post. Everyone enjoys props for their hard work.
  4. Post your picture using [spoiler] tags.
  5. Enjoy everyone’s creativity.
  6. The first person to post can use our picture in the corner of this article to begin.

Since this is all about having fun, please keep the perverted pictures to yourself. Failure to do so will get you un-politely booted from the site.

There are still more Clicks and Giggles threads to have fun with. Visit our de-motivational poster thread or post a picture of your very own gamer cave!

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