Clicks and Giggles: Movie Picture Scavenger Hunt


Have you ever seen just a split second of a movie as you are flipping through the channels and instantly known what movie it was? Now is your chance to take your skills to the next level.

We love movies. From science fiction action flicks to romantic comedies to sprawling historical epics, movies are an endless source of pleasure. To celebrate our love of movies, we will be asking you to challenge your fellow community members in a Movie Picture Scavenger Hunt!

Rules of Participation

The rules are simple:

  1. You must correctly name the movie which is being shown in the latest post.
  2. After you name it, you must then post your own picture from a movie.
  3. Post your picture using [spoiler] tags.

Since this is all about having fun, please keep the perverted pictures to yourself. Failure to do so will get you un-politely booted from the site.

To being, use the spoiler tag below and have fun!

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