Clicks and Giggles: Riddle Me This


Once in a while you get a brain teaser that makes you want to smash your head against the wall because you just can’t seem to find the answer. It almost drives you to the point of insanity and then all of a sudden, POOF, you get it. Now it’s your turn to challenge The Escapist community.

To some of us, there is nothing better than a good riddle. It can make us think in different ways and challenge how we see a familiar situation. While the journey to finding the correct answer seems to have no end, the solution is often right in front of our faces. So, what better way to pass the time by giving you, The Escapist community, a chance to ask and answer riddles with each other?

Rules of Participation

The rules are quite simple:

  1. You may ask any question you wish of the Riddler but the back and forth responses must be able to be read by everyone (no PMs).
  2. Once you think you have the answer, you may then guess.
  3. If you are correct, the Riddler states you are correct and you become the Riddler.
  4. If you ARE NOT correct, you are no longer able to guess until the next riddle has been asked.
  5. Some people have to get the riddle wrong so others may guess at what the correct answer is, so don’t worry! There will be plenty of riddles to go around.
  6. Don’t look up the answers on Google, that’s cheating and it takes all of the fun out of it.

I’ll start you out:

You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung. What is it?

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