Clicks and Giggles: Storytelling


For as long as we can remember, humankind have been storytellers. We tell stories in celebration and in remorse; to entertain and to educate; to preserve and to destroy. With the advent of the Internet, what might have taken generations – the creation of a single story – we can now do in a single forum thread.

The Escapist boasts a thriving creative community, and we want you to come together and create your own story. Here is how it will work: We will start the story and then the next person writes 1 or 2 sentences to continue the story. From there, people just keep contributing. Feel free to write multiple posts but not one right after the other – give others a chance to chime in! And please, no vulgarity or sexual references.

By the end of the thread, we will have created a stellar story, certain to be sung about for years to come.

It begins …

Grant and Sully were planning to meet up with online friends later that night, and enjoy a relaxing, quiet game of Team Fortress 2. Unfortunately for Grant, an epic spill the night before had rendered his keyboard completely useless. Before heading home, Grant and Sully stopped by the game store to purchase a new keyboard.

Upon entering the store, they were greeted by a sales clerk. Though the clerk was polite, Grant and Sully both noticed that there something a bit odd about the gentlemen. As they were led to the computer department, Grant noticed the clerk had an interesting tattoo behind his left ear – but where had he seen that marking before?

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