Everyday, we get closer and closer to developing technologies we’ve only seen in the movies, but we are still a long way off from some of the coolest ones. Which amazing technology are you most excited to see?

Though the science fiction genre is often seen as a story form that is strictly for entertainment purposes, it often inspires blueprints for future innovation and technology. For instance, we now have touch-based display technology, much like in the movie Minority Report. How close are we to having military ground troops that mirror Johnny 5 in Short Circuit? And I don’t think we need to go into how many early movies included going to the moon, and we went there years ago!

Still, there are some technologies that have yet to make a debut off of the silver screen. Where are our flying personal assistant robots? Or our adorable Wall-E-esque cleaner bots?

So, what movie technology do you want to see become a reality?


What technology do you want to see developed that you came up with?

Please feel free to post drawings or pics of your dream technologies as part of your response, but use spoilers. If taken from someone’s site, please give props to those who created it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the security system that was used in Total Recall. Just imagine how quickly you could get to your plane!

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