Clive Robert Buys Deep Red Games

Clive Robert buys back the company he once founded.

Clive Robert, who co-founded Deep Red Games with Kevin Buckner in May 1998, repurchased the British development studio from its parent company, Bangladesh Online. The studio, famous for Monopoly Tycoon and Tycoon City: New York, joined Bangladesh Online in 2004 to expand its numbers in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka and its home country, England. Now that he has regained control, Robert cut half of the company’s jobs and will continue to run the company independently, focusing on casual games for the PC, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.

In an interview with, Robert discussed the company’s future products and the reorganization. “Our reasons for making the change were that the business as it stood was not moving forward, and we wanted to get back closer to making games that we enjoy. … My vision for Deep Red remains very much the same as it did in ’98 when we stared the company – make great mass market games that everyone can play. With the current massive growth of the casual games market and more varied gamers taking up keyboards and controllers, the opportunities for mass market games are better than ever.”

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