Additionally, Nintendo confirmed Cloud, Bayonetta and Corrin would be getting amiibos, and revealed some upcoming ones.

Lots of Super Smash Bros. news from the game’s final Nintendo Direct tonight. Alongside the reveal of new fighers Bayonetta and Corrin, Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife, first revealed earlier this month, is now available to purchase and play.

Cloud costs $5.99 if you just want to buy him for one platform,or $6.99 if you want him on both the 3DS and Wii U versions. He comes with his own stage: Migdar, which also contains a suite of sound effects. For all you Advent Children fans out there, one of Cloud’s alternate outfits is based on his Advent Children appearance.

Nintendo confirmed that Cloud, Bayonetta and Corrin would all be getting their own amiibo figures at some point in the future, and revealed that the next wave of figures going on sale next March includes Ryu, Roy, and the Famicom ROB color variation:

march 2016 amiibos

With this, it looks like Super Smash Bros. downloadable content is coming to a close. Let’s raise a glass for Snake, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, Pichu, Ivysaur and Squirtle, who will have to wait for Smash 5 for a shot at possible redemption…

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