imageAn incredible array of top comic book artists join MAD Magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots” in January’s issue #438. This issue features an exclusive variant cover by Bruce Timm that will be available only to the direct market.

“The League of Rejected Super-Heroes” features new artwork by Arthur Adams, Michael Allred, John Byrne, J. Scott Campbell, Dave Gibbons, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, and John Romita, Jr. In addition, this issue is topped by Timm’s painted cover, which showcases the assembled might of MAD’s super-hero rejects.

“When we received the script from writer Jeff Kruse we thought it would be a great idea to have it illustrated by legendary comic book artists,” said MAD Editor John Ficarra. “We just hope their work appearing in MAD doesn’t totally destroy their careers they way it has so many of our other contributors.”

“I’m sure I don’t have to point out how rare it is to have such a stellar lineup of talent in one place,” said Bob Wayne, DC’s VP — Sales and Marketing. “When word about this issue gets out, readers are going to want it, so we urge retailers to increase their orders on it now.”


The MAD Magazine #438 Direct Market Edition is scheduled to arrive in stores on Jan. 7 with a cover price of $3.50.

As a courtesy to retailers, DC is also offering the MAD Magazine #438 Newsstand Edition. This edition features a non-super-hero cover by Drew Friedman.

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