Community Member Spotlight: Aylaine


She has been described as the nicest and the most helpful person in the community. Nearly everything you read about her, from her posts, her friends, and her comments are just filled with pure “nice.” An extreme for sure, on The Escapist due to the huge fanbase of Zero Punctuation, this level of anti-evil is something to be recognized. I present to you, Aylaine.

Here are the answers to the interview questions:

What first brought you to The Escapist?

Hope. I had hoped that maybe this place was different. I don’t seem to fit in most online communities. Too much tits or gtfo, or other things like that drive me away. It’s lonely out there. Then I find The Escapist via Yahtzee, and I sign up to participate in the Valve vs Zynga March Madness round this year. The rest is history!

What is your favorite thing about The Escapist?

The people. Don’t get me wrong, this place is an amazing outlet for my gaming needs, news, humor and the like. I spend lots of time just reading the weekly issue or posts by John Funk, because I think he’s funny. But when it comes down to it, the people are my favorite thing about this place. They’re just amazing!

If The Escapist suddenly disappeared, what is the first thing you would do?

I would quite honestly cry for a bit, and wonder why. I might embark on some quest to your HQ, with a couple of guns and a lot of determination to find out why! I love it here too much to just let it go like that.

A zombie is attacking you and you were caught off-guard. You are startled, start running and notice a bag of marshmallows. What do you do?

I would smile at the zombie, then share! After all, zombies can’t chew my skin off if his mouth is all sticky with marshmallow! Besides, maybe he startled me because he wanted some? :3

What is your favorite movie and why?

Lost in Translation. To me, when I watched it and every time I still watch it to this day, the movie clearly depicts that stereotypes can be broken, that social standings and all the things we’re lead or supposed to believe can be shattered. It’s just two people in a strange land, making a connection. If humans were more like this, we would live in a much less prejudiced world, in my opinion!

What is your favorite type of music, band, and how did you first discover it/them?

Industrial is my favorite, and Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band. I discovered them when I had first watched The Crow with my parents in 2002. ”Dead Souls” was the song I heard, and ever since I heard it, and began listening to more of NIN, I fell in love. NIN sings about a lot of different issues, but most of them originate from the self, and some I could relate to. The unique sound that industrial music has, and NIN in general is also something I love about the band!

What do you do for a living? Do you find it interesting?

I throw newspapers. OK, you guys can stop laughing now! That’s my first job, my second job is in limbo currently, and all I did for that one was write a few weekly bits for a local school newspaper. I would say my jobs aren’t fascinating, but I always find some way to make them fun. Driving at 60 MPH, throwing newspapers like Frisbees and blasting “Paradise City” by Guns & Roses? I’m there!

If you could change one thing about The Escapist, what would it be?

Signatures! I love expression, which is why I requested bigger avatars for us Publisher Club Members (which reminds me, all you staff people should get bigger ones too! :D) and I feel if I can express myself in more ways, people can get a better idea of who I am or what I like. Other than that, this place is perfect in the sense that it all fits.

Do you like bacon?

Yes, but only on breakfast for dinner days or on Royal Red Robin Burgers. <3

If someone gave you a million US Dollars, tax free, and you were required to spend it instead of investing, what would you spend it on?

People who need it. I have quite a lot of money saved up, by a typical 20 year old’s standards. I know though, that a lot of people out there could use a home, or food, shelter, just things in order to survive or get a job to keep going. I would then make a pool for myself, that is filled with Dr. Pepper, because Dr. Pepper rules! ♥


Well now, if Alyaine ever left or somehow was removed from the community, I’m pretty sure the forces of evil will overtake us all. Or she’s the anti-christ … Nine Inch Nails isn’t necessarily known to be the most “kind” of music. 🙂

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