Community Member Spotlight: Cleril


He develops games, writes reviews, runs role-playing threads, writes poetry, plays games, and is still in high-school. By the time he’s out of college, he’ll probably be able to buy The Escapist! I present to you: Cleril.

Here are his answers to the interview questions:

What first brought you to The Escapist?

Most likely, as sad as it may seem to some community members, Zero Puncuation. At first I just came here to watch them but then I found the forums, other videos, etc. Yet again though I suppose Zero Punctuation first brought me to The Escapist but I found more to love later on.

What is your favorite thing about The Escapist?

The community of course, always some important discussion to take part in, I’ve got forum games I’m running, and I can’t possibly be bored since the activity at The Escapist is always, well, active.

If The Escapist suddenly disappeared, what is the first thing you would do?

I….don’t really know. I’d probably try to find a substitute for it but all other videogame oriented forums I’ve found aren’t nearly as well done so that would just be me getting my hopes up.

I’d probably just shrug my shoulders, try to find something as near as good, and maybe cry…

Besides, I’m sure someone on here would revive it or remake it, I’d seek that out then.

A zombie is attacking you and you were caught off-guard. You are startled, start running and notice a bag of marshmallows. What do you do?

Just one zombie? Right. I’d just open the bag, stuff as many marshmallows into my mouth, spitting them out upon mid-mechanical digestion, making the zombie likely get stuck in the mess of juices. If that didn’t work then I’d eat the marshmallows and then let the zombie eat me, at least then I won’t have to eat brains so fast, right?

What is your favorite movie and why?

I’m not much a movie person so…..The Nightmare Before Christmas is the only thing that comes to mind.

What is your favorite type of music, band, and how did you first discover it/them?

I’ll listen to anything as long as it isn’t country, blues, stuff like that. I don’t really have any favorites in terms of music, bands, etc. and all the music I require is found on youtube basically.

I don’t even have an iPod….just saying.

What do you do for a living? Do you find it interesting?

I’m just a senior in High School. Is it interesting? Well I’m sure we all know the answer to that now don’t we?

If you could change one thing about The Escapist, what would it be?

That’s a bit of a tough one without stepping on toes honestly. I’d have to say that the moderators are a mixed bag so I’d like to adjust how things work in that department, though it’s impossible for mods to get things entirely right when choosing to beat down a user or something so there isn’t much I could do to change it for the better.

Do you like bacon?

I don’t often eat it really, I have hot sauce more often than I do bacon….[/b]

I expect all these to be answered in essay format and put on my desk by the end of class.

If someone gave you a million US Dollars, tax free, and you were required to spend it instead of investing, what would you spend it on?

Anything that floats my boat. Specifically a proper gaming computer, a bunch of videogames I’d like, likely start up my own game studio, you know, selfish stuff.

Many thanks to Cleril for letting me shine the spotlight on him!

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