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The Summer E Games are two weeks worth of fun and interesting events. This year’s E games are quickly approaching, and we want your suggestions on what sort of events you’d like to see.

The Summer E Games will begin in a few weeks and we’re looking for event suggestions. To get an idea of what we’re looking for, check out a list of our past events:

  • Flash Game Playoffs: hosted by Kongregate – Participants will compete in 10 different flash games (1 per day) for medals.
  • Legacy Battle – Community members choose 32 of their favorite legacies from a list of 75. Chosen legacies will go head-to-head in a bracket, with The Escapist community voting for the winners.
  • Epic Quiz – 6 different categories (Gaming, Movies, TV, Current Industry Events, Miscellaneous, and The Escapist) with 25 questions of the hardest trivia we can dig up.
  • T-Shirt Contest – Create a t-shirt involving our brands (Zero Punctuation, I Hit It With My Axe, etc.) and the winning T-shirt is produced and put into The Escapist store.
  • Haiku Contest – Send in your haiku and vote on your favorites.
  • Photoshop Contest – Photoshop the craziest, funniest videogame mash-ups you can think of, and the community votes on its favorite.

Now, these are all awesome events, but we want more even more. Please send us your ideas for the upcoming Summer E Games! Just post your submissions below. When sending us your ideas, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Can there be a clear winner?
  2. Will the event be interesting and fun for a large group of people?
  3. How much time will be required to participate?
  4. What will we need in order to run this event?
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