A Hawaiian cop was arrested for shoplifting a videogame at a Honolulu Walmart. Somebody call the Five-O.

On September 10th, 2010, Officer John F. Rapozo alleged stole a videogame, among other items, from a Walmart in Pearl City, Hawaii. Rapozo is a member of the Narcotics-Vice Division in the Honolulu Police Department. The chief of police issued a statement that he was “deeply concerned” over Rapozo stealing a videogame, one of three arrests of police officers just this month in the Hawaiian city.

“The department holds its officers to a higher standard than the general public, and every allegation or complaint is fully investigated,” Chief Louis Kealoha said. “Criminal cases involving officers are conferred with the prosecutor’s office to determine whether charges will be filed. It’s important to note that even cases that do not result in criminal charges are still subject to administrative review or disciplinary action.”

That’s all well and good, but I’m more worried about what videogame he allegedly stole. The title is not reported, unfortunately.

What do you think it was? Need for Speed? SWAT? Max Payne? Who knows, maybe it was an old school copy of Police Quest?

Help me out, what game was it?

Source: Star Advertiser via Gamepolitics


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