e3 2014

Crackdown‘s Coming In 2015, Trailer Shows Agency Hasn’t Lost Its Touch


The Los Muertos boss is having a really bad day, and I think he may have scratched his pool table too.

The third Crackdown‘s due in 2015, according to the latest E3 reveal. This co-op open world game has the Agency, as always, hunting down crime syndicates and making them blow up real good. You have to wonder at what point this stops being about defeating criminals and starts being about explosive urban renewal, but at least creator Dave Jones is behind the wheel over at Cloudgine.

“Compared to your boys in Pacific City,” Mr Trailer Loud Voice Person sir? Does that mean this one isn’t set in Pacific City? Mind you if that’s what the Agency does to Los Muertos, the Volk and Shai-Gen Corporation – or whoever else may be involved – had better take out some serious property insurance.

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