A cracked shark tank has left fifteen shoppers injured and three sharks dead.

The logic behind putting an aquarium in a shopping center is simple: People like to look at fish. Give them a pleasant place to do it and add a few shops, and the rest pretty much takes care of itself. Filling your tank with sharks instead of tropical fish is also pretty reasonable: People like sharks – at least when they’re separated by a few inches of thick glass. Remove the glass, though, and you’ve got a problem, as a number of shoppers – and sharks – discovered in the most unpleasant way possible a few days ago. A cracked aquarium at a shopping center in Shanghai unleashed a torrent of shark-infested water on a number of unsuspecting consumers, leaving fifteen people injured and depriving the aquarium of three sharks.

Security cameras captured the whole sordid affair, which began innocently enough, with four shark aficionados enjoying the view before being swept away in a deluge of broken glass and saltwater. The remaining patrons evacuated to higher ground, while a few brave souls ventured back towards the installation to photograph the unfortunate sharks. Three of these lemon sharks succumbed to either injury or asphyxiation. While no shoppers died, fifteen were hurt – at least four, presumably, by concussive force.

This event is likely to go down as something of a footnote in local Shanghai history, but at least it’ll be something for those present to tell their grandkids. “Did I ever tell you about the time that a shark came flying at me on land?” If this story has a moral, I’ll be damned if I can figure it out, but just be careful the next time you visit a shark tank. As any good diver knows, the environment is a much bigger threat to you than the sharks themselves. Now, let us share a moment of silence for these three perfect killing machines.

Source: YouTube

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