Critical Miss Art Update


As Cory is busy retooling the comics art, we’re having one of those dreaded “art days.” But, I guess this is also a good opportunity to tell you what else is going on.

  • A couple of weeks back we ran five strips on consecutive days. Contrary to our expectations, that brave experiment did not end with one of us dead and another in police custody. With consent from our corporate taskmasters at The Escapist HQ, we might run more short bursts of daily updates, or start gearing up towards producing three strips a week. Perhaps. Maybe. Etc.
  • We are making a game! If you follow me on Twitter, you’re no doubt sick to death of hearing about this, but we are making a game! A Game! Capital G. It’s called Brass and it’s an irreverent, 2D, survival horror game set in an alt-history take on Victorian London. We have a small team of artists and programmers beavering away on it and we’ll update you as we go. What am I contributing? My job is essentially to sit here and take credit for the final product. I am integral to the process.
  • I no longer have to perform degrading manual labour labor to provide for my family! (Seriously, fuck ’em) This means you’ll be seeing more of my dreadful writing both on le Escapiste and elsewhere. It’s just you and me, gentle reader, at least until one of us succumbs to a crippling painkiller addiction.
  • I have embraced the spirit of punk rock. I totally just used the correct spelling of labour labor in that last post rather than the commonly accepted Americanization, “labor.” Come at me, Susan.

[Ed note: Boom.]

As always, you can follow Grey and Cory on Twitter.

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