Want to make your own Crysis 2 levels and mods? Kick back and relax, because the tools are coming – but not until summer.

The original Crysis was best known for being the benchmark by which computer techheads could measure their rigs’ performance, but its sequel was a refreshing change of pace in a super-saturated shooter market. While PC enthusiasts griped that it was “dumbed down” for consoles (as they do with, like, every game these days), CryTek boss Cevat Yerli hopes to throw the PC modding community a couple of bones by this summer.

“[Our] modding community has been, and remains, very important to us,” wrote Yerli in a letter on the front page of CryMod. “Modding with the most powerful game engine is coming back!” According to Yerli, the CryTek team wanted to see what modders were capable of with the powerful CryEngine 3, and so was working on getting an SDK out to the public.

The CryEngine 3 SDK, which will be released for free to anyone who wants to try their hand at making very shiny cars, has a tentative release date of August 2011, said Yerli. “This will be a complete version of our engine,” he promised, including a bunch of technical features that go way over my head and sample code for Crysis 2.

And speaking of Crysis 2, Yerli said that there would also be a specific Crysis 2 editor on the way as well, with a more nebulous release date of “early in summer.” The editor will allow modders to build “new maps, items and more custom content” for the game, though it obviously isn’t as robust as the full CryEngine 3 SDK.

“If you just want to make fun, free projects, you can do that free of charge,” concluded Yerli. “If you want to try and commercialise your game, we’ll be here to help you with that.”

I just want to know what sort of tiny mechanical god you need to have in order to even think about developing for CryEngine 3. No, actually, scratch that – I think I’d rather not know, or my video card might cry itself to sleep in shame.

(CryMod, via MTV Multiplayer)

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